Founded in 2015 to continue and expand the services that Mary Allen started in 2009 when she was looking for an orphanage where she could bring love, care and acceptance  to those in need by showing that there are people in the world who think a about them, to tell them that they are important, and that they deserve gifts that are just for them to keep, to use and to share. The organization selected was The Central Children's Home of NC.

Another group of people that are in need of gifts are those at shelters for victims of Domestic Violence.  Their families are broken and they cannot provide gifts for each other when they are just trying to survive.  Bringing donations to the Holiday Bazaar at the shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and delivering gifts at Valentine's and Mother's Day bring a smile to their faces and an opportunity to give when they do not have the resources to provide for their loved ones.

The last addition to our services was to provide Care Shawls for victims of sexual assault when they attend a center for forensic exam.

We complement the services that temporary housing and shelters provide for those in need.  We reach their soul and deliver hope when their facing so many obstacles in their lives.

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